Westchase CDD is working on the continues improvements to the communities storm water ponds, in order to comply with Federal and State Water Quality Standards. One of the most important things for residents to understand is the ponds are designed to treat and store storm water runoff, drainage from the street and lots, they are no natural lakes or ponds or canals. Since the CDD owns the ponds they are responsible for the quality of the water flowing over the ponds outfall structures into the wetlands and other downstream water bodies. The first objective is to educate all residents that the major pollutants that exist in the ponds comes from the treatment (pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer) of the communities green spaces, (yards and common areas) an cover treatment of these areas magnify the pollution problems. Commercial lawn care services should be implementing the use of the new or different products and procedures to address these water quality concerns due to the state regulations.

The second objective is to install aquatic plants in the flat areas around the outfall structures and around the community pond perimeter. These plants will absorb some of the pollutants, as well as help stabilize the pond slopes. Clean up pet wastes from which nutrients and bacteria can enter the storm water drains and contaminate the water system.

If you would like more information, please contact our office (813) 920-4268 or email us at cdd@westchasecdd.com



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